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Create a winning sales team and take control of your business - for less than the price of a coffee a day!

What is Rapid Dynamics?

Your sales team is making do without any robust systems to support them – you’re probably using excel or a ‘free’ CRM system to manage your leads. These prove really ineffective once you start getting more regular sales and more customers to manage – Customers get lost or forgotten about and leads don’t get followed up.

In 10 days from now, you could have a sales and customer management system running inside all of the usual Microsoft programs making the management of customers seamless, allowing you to run effective marketing campaigns, produce powerful reports, and strengthen your relationships.

You can have a system that won’t take long to get setup or cost a lot up front (unlike normal software implementations). Rapid Dynamics is a user friendly, fully customised and cost effective system that you can get in your workplace in 10 days.

As a solution designed for growing businesses like yours, our teams will implement Rapid Dynamics CRM for a fixed price and then a simple monthly payment, helping keep your cash flow in good order.

Because it’s a cloud based solution, it’s available anywhere, at any time.

Benefits of Rapid Dynamics

Safe & Secure

Rapid Dynamics is built on top of Microsoft CRM, so you have the strength of a Microsoft system that’s now user friendly.

Easy To Use

Software that makes sense to your users, empowers your sales team to understand their customers and puts you in control of your data.

Super Fast

Rapid Dynamics was built to take the pain out of the implementation, so you can have it running in your business in 10 days.


As your solution will be on the Microsoft cloud, it will always be backed up, secure and accessible from wherever you are.

5 warning signs you’ve outgrown Excel as a business management tool:

Letting your leads turn cold due to lack of follow-up contact and nurturing

Missing deals and losing customers due to a lack of customer insight

Wasting time trying to find your customer's latest information

Salespeople taking your customer lists when they leave the business

Your sales reports and forecasts are inaccurate or incomplete

About Us

Peace of mind

You have the stability of knowing that your software is managed and hosted with Microsoft, but the flexibility of our customisable solution to make it fit like a glove for your business.

Stable Cash-Flow

You no longer have to worry about cashflow, spending thousands on a lengthy process taking months. Rapid Dynamics can be in your business in 2 weeks for a simple monthly cost.

Enhanced User Adoption

You worry about user adoption and making your investment a success. Understanding your challenges, we built our user adoption program to ensure you have success. We’ve created lots of helpful training videos and how-to guides for your users included in your subscription.

Made With Love

Every business is different, so CRM will fit your business with customisations that match your business processes. We’ll modify Rapid Dynamics to fit your business, our Rapid Start manual will walk you through the process right from the start.


Our pricing has been made to make it easy for Small businesses to gain the rewards of having an enterprise level CRM system but without being tied down to paying lots of money all in one go. Choose one of our packages and we can get you up and running in 10 days or less!

Good for you, Good for the bottom line.

Sales Essential
Per User Per Month
£795 Required Onboarding
Small Teams who want to have a single customer and contact database together with activity tracking across the organisation.

Accounts, Contacts & Activity

Included in the Essential Plan:
  • Unlimited Customers & Contacts
  • Record and share Phone Calls, Emails, Tasks and Meeting Activities
  • To Do Lists synced to Outlook
  • Works on your phone and tablet
  • Personalised Dashboards and Reports
  • 20 Custom Fields on Customer & Contact Records
  • Custom Views of Your Data
  • Integration Ready
  • Sync with Outlook: Emails, Calendar and Tasks
  • Works inside Office 365
Call Us
for a personalised quote
Organisations who want an online system to go beyond simple marketing, sales and service management.
Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Cases, Other Custom Entities
Includes Everything in Sales Ascend:
  • Including More Customisation
  • Project Services Automation
  • Field Service Management
  • Contract Management
  • Custom Entities to Meet Your Specific Business Needs
  • Integration With Your Other Business Systems

Yearly Loyalty Reward

Get in touch to learn about our year 2 and 3 reduced subscription rates for our loyal customers.

No need to commit, sign up or pay in advance for multi year discounts, these are available to all our amazing customers who renew their subscription at the end of year 1 and year 2!

Your Implementation

Introductory Call

1 Hour to gain an understanding of your needs from your new CRM.

First day

Scoping Meeting

4 – 6 Hours for the design and customisation meeting

Within 1 Week

Present Back Meeting

Final project scope and detail of work is presented

End of the week

Go Live & User Training

You can start experiencing the real value of Rapid Dynamics

10 Days!

Still Not Sure If You Need A CRM System?

Our CRM Book will give you all the info you need, aimed at helping you to learn what is CRM, Who is it for and How can it help.

If you’re still not too sure about whether Rapid Dynamics or any kind of CRM system is right for you then you need to download this today!

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